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About Us

MEXn LIMITED is a global company headquartered in Hong Kong. MEXn creates a financial research institute to secure profitability, convenience, and stability of FX trading, and provides financial information for safe trading for free. MEXn provides the best service by developing a platform and AI robot so that users can continuously generate profits through FX trading. MEXn is a multinational corporation in which companies and member companies from various countries participate by the white IB system, mainly in Hong kong. FX transaction fees and financial platforms are provided according to the conditions of members, and various programs designed by members are developed and provided as AI robots.

For the ongoing revenue-generating trading and IB business, " MEXn LIMITED " will continue to deliver software development, trading system solutions, and the best competitive AI robot systems.

Developed and supplied by " MEXn LIMITED " AI robot trading will help personal traders free themselves from the many threats they may face as they go through manual transactions.

It also has a system-based, data-based principles. So that you can learn and learn the trading system by practicing it on your own. We will provide you with the best online learning." MEXn LIMITED "

services where software, solutions, and information coexist I hope you become a user who realizes sustainable profits based on the foundation. For the right trading and business success of users " MEXn LIMITED "

will try to provide a complete platform." MEXn LIMITED " Financial Asset Management Group is based on the blockchain. A variety of trading robots developed with ICT/IOT/AI technology to account for members.

We are working on the best asset management system that is entrusted and managed.


"MEXn" provides the world's best competitiveness in FX margin trading, In addition, we provide the best service to care for users to membership leaders.

Provide AI robots specializing in financial assets.

GFS IT Developer, a subsidiary of "MEXn", is providing various AI financial transaction robots developed with blockchain-based ICT/IOT/AI technology and entrusting customers' assets.

Self-study guidebook for short-term learning and real-world transactions.

This is a study guide that enables real transactions in a short period of time. It provides how to use EA BOT / how to use demo account and live account / how to use financial asset consignment program, etc.

Provision of revenue from transaction fees to members

We pay $3 to $10 per LOT. This fee can be used again for transactions and used in withdrawal and cash.

IB, White Level Consulting!

This program will be a very powerful asset management trading tool for beginners. It will be easy to recruit FX merchants. The company's system of operating consignment assets using the world's best MLM technology is very powerful. MEXn LIMITED marketing will be the best business opportunity.

Provides a mobile platform to trade demos and live!

After downloading, practicing, and studying demo accounts like the real thing on PC and mobile, you can apply for live accounts to operate your assets with AI BOT provided by headquarters

We offer a variety of professional AI robots to many investment members who want to operate their assets.

The AI robots and financial systems we offer benefit professional trainers who run many customers' funds. The best fee payment system that anyone can receive for asset returns and transaction fees is demonstrated.

About Membership

Members who have joined "MEXn" can use automatic FX robots developed with blockchain-based ICT, IOT, and AI technologies at the headquarters' research institute. The business of the "MEXn" company will provide a trading system that can generate profits and the best competitive AI robots to companies that operate assets and members who want stable returns.


• Members who have used our account for 2 months.
• AI automatic robots are provided free of charge.


• Qualified Member.
• Paying monthly IB fees for accounts traded by recommended members.
• Qualification of VIP operated by MEXn's financial funding project is granted.
• Issued FX Asset Management Certificate.

Whitelabel IB GROUP

• Development so that an independent platform can be developed and operated.
(Corporate Business / Company website / MT4 report / Member management)
• You can develop and install various platforms and marketing systems on the website.
• Automatic monthly fee settlement for your account and recommended account.
• You can recruit members and IB.
• Qualification of VIP operated by MEXn's financial funding project is granted.


Risk Warning : Forex and CFD Trading involve a significant risk to your invested capital. Please read and ensure you fully understand our ‘Risk Disclosure’.

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